Women Who Worked with Mitt- on the road in North Carolina - posted by Renee Fry:

September 28: Cindy Gillespie, Ellen Herzfelder and I were in NC yesterday with Carly Fiorina, former CEO of HP.  We had a GREAT crowd of women there to learn more about Mitt.

Cindy opened the event and shared a story about how when she moved to Massachusetts to work for the new Governor, Mitt Romney, the movers literally left her furniture in the driveway in the dark and drove away telling her someone would be out in a few days with hoists because they couldn't get it up the stairs.   When Mitt called to see how the move went, she told him, "not well!"  Mitt said, "I'll get the boys", loaded up his car with his sons and they had the furniture in the house in short order! And Cindy's neighbors were really impressed by her Gubernatorial moving crew!  You can see Cindy's story on YouTube here:

I started my talk by asking how many in the audience were either unemployed themselves or knew someone close to them that can’t find a job.  The ENTIRE audience raised their hands.  Every single person.  I then talked about how Mitt got universities, businesses, quasi-public groups, and more together to win Bristol Myers Squibb’s new plant and 600+ jobs for Massachusetts.  We had over 30 different agencies trying to create jobs, but we brought them all together, eliminated duplicative work, implemented a strategy and plan and showed RESULTS.  By the time Mitt left office, MA unemployment was 4.7%.

Carly then talked about the economy, the need for jobs, true leadership and why women care about all of those things.  She said she found the Obama Administration's focus on reproductive rights to be "condescending" to women - assuming we are all one-issue voters.  When, in fact, we are 50% of the population, make 85% of the consumer decisions in our households, and while we may all have our own opinions on reproductive issues - we care about education for women, opportunity and jobs for women, and the future of America.   The women listening applauded and agreed that without women’s leadership in all aspects of life, our country would not be the great place it is today and the ONLY country where a young woman of any race and background can grow up to be whatever they want.  Mitt is the candidate running that will keep America the country of opportunity for women and for all Americans - and she urged all the women to get out and tell their neighbors to vote for Mitt because this vote matters for our future.  The Charlotte Observer did a great piece on Carly's remarks:  You can read them hear:


Thanks to all who joined us!


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