IMG_6628The sky was overcast, the morning air sweet with the smell of rain. The birds sang in full chorus.  Bring it on!

I have a little gas in my tank and I am ready to tackle the day.  No more procrastination, at least for today.  I am fuelled by my recent successes.

  • I called the city about the poor condition of the back alley and they showed up on Mothers Day to grade it!
  • I made an appointment and got a date to have my car's rusted tailgate repainted.
  • Yesterday, the roofer showed up to fix a faulty flashing on the garage roof without a reminder.  YAY!  I love businesses who live up to their reputation.

IMG_0723I am pumped and ready to go.  So I might as well strike while the iron is hot.  Is that how the saying goes?  Even though I can't move a mountain physically, I can metaphorically, in small loads.





Sheba supervised from afar, making sure that I didn't screwed up.  I got 4 loads before the rain came.  Good thing the roofer came yesterday!






So you're probably wondering where and why I am moving my mountain.  It is for creating little gardens of eden - 4 of them this year.  Hopefully we will harvest aplenty in the fall.  We won't be able to feed the world but it's a start ....in a good direction.


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