At WomenBIG, we're dedicated to helping women connect, share and learn. WomenBIG is a place where women - bold, intelligent and gifted - can step into their personal power, claim their confidence and success, share their wisdom, and encourage one another. We cover:

  • Personal development - tools, tips and pointers for improving one's life:  career, education, relationships, health, happiness, productivity, spirituality, goal setting, motivation, changing habits, improving awareness, values and beliefs, leaning into the curve, and living up to one's potential
  • Career guidance - advice for career advancement, starting a business, dealing with bad bosses and co-workers, leadership, and other workplace topics
  • Confidence - tips, pointers and insights for increasing self-esteem, stepping into one's power, gaining influence, and dealing with stereotypes and unconscious bias
  • Women supporting women - stories of how women have helped other women connect, share, grow and learn either personally or professionally
  • Girl talk - sometimes it's fun to just chat about shoes, purses, kids or all those other areas that enrich our lives (and sometimes give us heartburn, too)