Women,Catholic Hospitals and What I learned from my Sociology Classes!

Have you ever tried to simplify a subject that is complicated? I use to do that a lot in my sociology classes and those professors drove me nuts.  I constantly had to hear for every action and/or decision there is a reaction and consequence.  I am telling you sociologist can be real downers.  My husband couldn’t stand it when I took a sociology class.  I tended to spend the quarter fluctuating between two feelings, crying in despair and wanting to save the world!

The other day I was reading a post written by Jane in Her Infinite Wisdom: The War on Women WOW.  I felt uninformed.  In the post Jane, the author, referred to Rush Limbaugh and a recent bone head statement.  I missed it.  Jane discussed the Catholic Church and their hospital policy.  I feel bad, as a Catholic, but  at that point I had a vague notion as to what the Catholic Church was doing.

My typical response was, well, Rush is past his time, I don’t listen to him.  Oh, and maybe it is time for the Catholic Church to close their hospitals. There you go, both problems solved. Rush is gone and he can’t spread his pathetic drivel and the Catholic hospitals are gone and people won’t have anything to get upset with Catholics about, well for now LOL.

Then, I could just hear those damn sociologist saying, “Not that simple!”  Well,Maybe for Rush LOL.  Rush Limbaugh is just a radio/television personality, in my opinion.  In addition, I am a firm believer in freedom of speech. He has the right to his opinions as much as me or anyone else but the best way to get him off the air is to not listen to him, not write about him or give him any attention at all.  I don’t listen to Rush.

Now, the Catholic Church. The Sociologists would have nailed me on my simplistic remedy.  Many people would be affected by such a decision.  Would the patients be able to find adequate care in other hospitals?  I don’t know, probably, although I do think there are some communities that need the Catholic hospitals.  I do know a lot of people would be out of jobs because the other hospitals that are fully staffed would not be able to absorb all the employees.  Therefore, my solution is wrong.  In the end,I would never want to jeopardize patient care or peoples lively hood over birth control and reproductive issues.  Sorry, just how I feel! My opinion!! 

So, how do we pick our battles?  Will the Pope back down?  Americans need to know we, Catholics, are dealing with a new Pope.  He is interesting, for lack of a better word. I think he is patriarchal.  Not a good thing for Catholic women, let alone American hospitals. What Americans do need to realize is this, if Obama steps in and forces a secular position, the Pope may retaliate?  He might flex his muscles and just yank the Hospitals?  I know Americans feel they hold a lot of power but The Pope does too and worse, the Catholic Church doesn’t need the hospitals.  In the end, I hope it works out with a compromise because many Americans  depend on those hospitals for way  more than birth control and reproductive needs and those  are the people that are going to suffer the most.  I am not sure it is a battle that needs to be fought?  I hope the Pope sees the over all need for the American hospitals and he doesn’t dig in his heels! I spoke with my parish priest about our new Pope and he said, “You know the Catholic Church, we take a step forward only to take two steps backwards.”  I am hoping the Catholics come through and find a way to not compromise the faith but to work it out and put the overall importance of the American hospitals first.  Americans and women need to realize these hospitals are important for many communities.  We need to be very careful about forcing ultimatums!

A good article with research and more information, Catholic Hospitals Expand, Religious Strings Attached.


Do you listen to Rush?  Do you know his latest mess up?  Do you use a Catholic Hospital?


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