Women's Best Friend: when you lose your pet...

The last twelve hours has been a whirlwind. I'm still not sure if I've caught up to everything happening.  My sweet dog was put to rest today. She has been suffering with Liver Disease for over a month now. Her belly was so swollen she looked like a pot belly pig.  She wasn't eating or drinking - she had whither away to skin and bones.  Every once in  a while she would forget she wasn't feeling well and she have a burst of energy...but she'd quickly remember that she wasn't okay.  We tried to make her comfortable through medication but it wasn't working - so today I took her and she passed away in my arms. When I adopted her from the Humane Society nine years ago - I promised her a forever home so I had to be with her at the end. 

Some of my favorite things and stories about her:

  • She was neurotic...seriously, she hated to be left alone (well without me or my husband). She paced the house when once of us would leave. She went nuts when we put her in a kennel and she tore the house up with we left her unattended.  On a terrible hot day I left her in the house - she ripped through the screen window, ran away, only ot be picked up by the cops.  The cops thought the house had been broken into because of the mess she had made inside!
  • Once I left her in my car to run into a grocery store. the sun roof open.  She climbed out the sun roof (I have no idea how) and found her way into the store. As I'm checking out a worker says "hey, look at the dog." I turn around only to see my sweet dog looking at me like she had just hit the jack pot!
  • We just moved into a new house so I bought her a new kennel thinking she's old and this might work now...nope. She broke thru the kennel and ripped up my blinds. But a big smile on her face to greet me when I came home - "Hi Mom!"
  • We got her hoping she'd go running with us. She hated to run - but loved to go for long walks. We became a walking family. My waistline thanks her.
  • My fur-baby sat with me every night that I nursed my crying children. I brought three babies home to her and she got up with me every single time. With #1 my dog would jump up on the ottoman and sit at my feet keeping me warm on those cold mid-west winter nights while I learned to nurse my crying infant.  With 2 & 3 she was too old to jump up, but she sat next to the chair and kept me company.
  • If I was home alone with the kids, she guarded us. Anyone walking to the door recieved a bark from her.  My husband to this day has never heard her bark...only me and the kids.  Apparently she didn't care if someone broke in if he was home.
  • She was my mom smoking buddy. She always went out and sat with my mom while she smoked her cigarettes.  Someone had to do it!

I'm sure there are a million more stories. But I'll never forget the way she looked at me today. The way she snuggled into my arms held her head up and looked me right in the eyes.

May doggie heaven be full of peanut butter and long walks sweet girl.  I know you will be waiting for me when my time comes, until then dear sweet girl I will cherish our memories and I thank you for teaching me so much about myself, life, and love.





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