Women's Circles: A Massage for the Spirit

Women's Circles are like a magical massage for your spirit. 

On the eve of my private Women's Circle, which meets once a month at my house, I want to share the wonderful richness that is a Wisdom Circle with all of you. In my life, I have been blessed to have some pretty amazing friendships with women.  This was not always the case. Our culture creates a great deal of false competition between women and I am sure we have all had the experience of feeling that being in a group of women is like being in a game of dodge ball, with everyone trying to "win"and you can easily get a bit banged up. We are in the midst of a shift. It has been said, by many elders female and male, that the feminine will show the way. How can we do this if we cannot come together as sisters and hold each other up? The truth is, that women are amazingly supportive when we can create a safe space for all the ego and competition to be left at the door. A safe space for  women to be heard and seen in the fullest version of who we are.

That is what the circle offers us. 

In February, through a series of "aha moments", I came to realize that Spirit was asking me to utilize the skills and wisdom I have gained from my strong healthy relationships with older women, to bring more women together.  I was told by an elder that by creating Smart Girl, Wise Woman (a circle for youn g women) and having done all of the work with Girls Inc. and other women's groups, that it was a given I should do women's circles. I prayed on it, then I took a leap and said "YES" to becoming a Regional Coordinator for Gather the Women.

Gather the Women (GTW) is an International organization that encourages women to come together to connect, by sitting in circle together in order to..."celebrate women’s true worth, to express shared concern for our human family, and to create and support actions that will enable humanity to live together in a balanced, harmonious and peaceful world." A women's circle is a place...sometimes the only place...where women can tell their stories, listen to eachother without judgement, get support from other women, laugh together, cry together and become refreshed. Circle seeding is the name for what GTW does. Would you like to plant that seed and start a women's circle? If you are in my area, hit me up. If not, check out the GTW site and find a circle/coordinator in your area. 


Have you participated in women's circles? Tell us about your experience in the comments.

Founder at Smart Girl, Wise Woman 


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