Women's Day

Mothers Day 2013 has now come and passed. I'm glad to see so many of my mommy blogging friends remember not everyone is a traditional mom. I like Mothers Day just fine, but I think Women's Day would be even better.

In this country where 20% of women are raped and 1 in 2 are inappropriately sexually interacted with and where women make less than 80 cents on the man's dollar, we should celebrate not just moms but all women. Maybe we need a day to raise these concerns to the public. Of course, this is much like Thanksgiving which should be in our hearts everyday, but it's good to give it national attention even if only once a year.

Adoptive moms, birth moms, surrogate moms (both pregnancy surrogates and surrogates who raise the children), stepmoms, but also women who can't be moms. Women that don't want to be moms or women who are no longer moms. There is a place in my heart for you all. 

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