Women's Health News: Placentophagy, Adiana and Grooming for your Gyno

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It's been a long week and I'm a little behind on my blog reading and news surfing so I decided to surf while TW and RJ are busy in the kitchen with fudge making and cookie baking. No sense in mopping kitchen floors before the two of them finish... messier women you've never met. Heh. So anyway, I was surfing and it appears to be my lucky day - everything interesting is GYN related!

I'm loving Rachel's post about grooming for your GYN appointment.

Apparently some folks think their healthcare provider might be offended and gossip about them if they don’t. If your provider does that, you need to switch, pronto, because that is just unprofessional and wrong. Others seem to think it’s some kind of “courtesy” to shave or wax prior to the exam. There was a thread at some blog recently (sorry, can’t remember which one), and the providers there all said they really didn’t care.

Do you "tidy up" before a GYN exam?

I'm also pretty interested in the new alternative to tubal ligation recommended for approval by the FDA.

The alternative procedure recommended takes about 15 minutes to complete and involves using radio signals to create a lesion inside the fallopian tube. A catheter delivers a soft material smaller than a grain of rice into the tube. Healthy tissue then grows on and around the material to create a permanent blockage. Patients are typically able to return to work within a day.

There's a 98.9% efficacy rate... and not much talk about it in the blogosphere right now. Let's change that. Go read the press release, blog it and about your questions concerning Adriana.

Last but definitely not least, Placenta Pizza caught my eye. It caught my eye because I found the title offensive. "Moms' bizarre ritual is hard to swallow". Maybe if there were some actual studies about the benefits of placentogaphy instead of why pregnant women don't tip over, people would not find this "bizarre"... Maybe it should become common practice to either eat the placenta or take placenta pills after childbirth.

After giving birth to her first child, Selander was cursed with a tough bout of the baby blues. Searching for natural remedies to combat those sad feelings before she delivered her second child, Selander stumbled upon a way of eating placenta without actually eating it — instead, she popped a pill.

“Before, I’d only ever heard of eating it,” Selander says. “Which, if a woman wants to do that, that's wonderful — but that was something I personally couldn't do.”

Selander opted for a home birth with her second child, and after the delivery, her midwife placed the placenta in the refrigerator. In her own kitchen the next day, Selander used her food dehydrator to dry the placenta, baked it in her oven, ground it up and put it into capsules. There was enough of the stuff to create about 150 capsules, of which she took one a day for the next two to three weeks.

“I felt so much better; I just felt great,” Selander remembers.

Mommyk has been exploring natural remedies for "the blues" at The Great Walls of Baltimore. When she found placentogaphy, she realized she wasn't as open-minded as she once thought. A capsule maybe, but no placenta pizza for her.

Okay, so maybe I can understand someone wanting so badly to not suffer from PPD that she might dry and encapsulate her placenta and then take it that way. After all, that's not that much different than my cat taking bovine spleen. But cooking with it? Turning it into Placenta Pizza or Afterbirth Cassoulet? *retch* Or serving it to your family or dinner guests? *double retch*

I'm troubled by the number of women I saw minimizing PPD and belittling those who have the condition and can't handle it with a bottle of wine and some chocolate. I'm troubled by phrases like "How desperate are you to conquer your PPD? Some women are going to extreme measures to cure theirs. " I'm troubled by how quick they are to call women who try this "freaks" ... and worse. I'm troubled by the number of people so freaked out by what a placenta looks like. How about you?

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