Women's History, All Year!

Women's History Month is a great time to learn and celebrate women's history, but don't stop learning and celebrating just because March is over.

We've rounded up some resources for extending your women's history education, as well as keeping track of women making history as we speak. Let us know if there are any of your fave resources that we missed!


Learn about female leaders:

  • Biography Online has a great list of women who changed the world.

  • The Smithsonian's teaching resources is a great collection of information about women throughout history.

  • Take a look at this reading list of feminist classics, and catch up on world changing literature by feminist leaders.

  • Here is another great (and exhaustive) list of women throughout history, complete with brief bios.

  • Learn about Gerda Lerner, who was pivotal in establishing women's history as an academic field.


Keep up with these websites:

  • Ms Magazine, of course, a premier source for information about women in history and especially about women currently making history.

  • Feminist.com is another great resource for your daily dose of lady news and women's history, much of it in the making.

  • Women's International Center is a great site to celebrate and learn about women who have made or who are making history.

Follow these women on Twitter:


Read some of our articles about women in history:

Gerda Lerner once said, "Women have always made history as much as men have, not 'contributed' to it, only they did not know what they had made and had no tools to interpret their own experience. What's new at this time is that women are fully claiming their past and shaping the tools by means of which they can interpret it."

Keep learning about the centuries of history that women before us made, and celebrate those who are currently making history - it's important to make sure that the women who come after us know where they came from so they'll have a better path to their futures.

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