Women's Need

Why is it that most women think that they so desperately need men to come save them from themselves or tell them what to do when they have the answer on their own hands? Why they like to wait around, suffer while they kill that time to realize they can do it on their own?

I live with older women that don’t take the initiative to keep on living life, they don’t want to take control, take the next step of Living because they are waiting for someone- a man, to tell them how to live, to tell them what to do. Their father who died a long time ago, their husband, boyfriends never stayed they left, these ladies have sixty something at this point, living life by inertia.love

I see them, lost, but so full of life when it comes to judging other peoples lives. They have so much to give if they channel their negative energy they use against their abstract situation of finding the one to knock at their door. I tell them, you have to work on yourself first, but I guess this is slang of the new age.

I show them the advantage of healthy eating, I cook for them good meals but it’s hard for them to keep it up when they are used to refried, meaty meals and I am not going to change their diet at this point.

What’s in your heart and mind is what comes out of your mouth, so be careful of what you say, and is what I keep telling the ladies every time negative statements and gossip are said by them because this is so deconstructive to their evolution.  

I don’t think they need a man to tell them what to do or how to be because man wouldn’t know theses things. I think they need to take care of themselves and find composure before they can present in front of any man.

A man like to see a woman who is “together” to have a good laugh, a good “constructive” conversation, enjoy their company and them both will know what to do next with each other company but no one should tell each other what to do and both should rely on each other equally.  

There is point in a woman’s life that companionship is above all, a friendship is much more appreciated for a lifetime of gratitude and the rest comes naturally.

We need each other to co exist as human beings but first we need to work on ourselves to present a good version of us but then again we are always evolving, we are always changing to the better I hope.

We are always changing together for the better is even better. Improving, upgrading and helping others along the way.Share Share


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