The Women's Revolution at the DNC

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“It is 2012, and that we are actually arguing over women having the right to birth control in America is absolutely unbelievable,” said Richards. She told a story of a lament she’s been noticing in her travels around the country. “The sign I keep seeing everywhere is, ‘I can’t believe I have to fight this shit again!’”

She singled out the president for his strong support of women and recalled another story. When Republicans demanded that Obama defund Planned Parenthood last summer in exchange for raising the debt ceiling, he refused to back down. “The 3 million women who came to us last year, they are Democrats and Republicans. They need access to affordable health care, and by god this president is going to make sure it does,” Richards said to fierce applause.

Debbie Wasserman Schulz, the Florida congresswoman and tireless mom of three, spoke of her own health care crisis when she found she had breast cancer at age 41. What would she have done if she didn’t have health care coverage? she asked the crowd. It wasn’t just that health reform had benefited her, she noted. It would be there for her two young daughters, who are also at risk of breast cancer, but also for millions of women to come.

“Now, I need to tell you about a group of women in this country,“ she said. “They voted for President Obama in 2008. They’re hanging back right now, my friends. We have got to make sure that every one of those women, in every state in this country, knows that Barack Obama stands with women, and Mitt Romney does not.”

Then the petite, curly-haired power behind the Democratic Party told the audience to reach out to other women, to connect “the personal to the political.” For women who might not remember, it was a signature slogan from the women’s movement of the 1970s.


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