The Women's Vote: Sluts for Obama, Church Ladies for Romney

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While some recent polls have shown Romney eroding the president's lead with women voters, the new numbers from NBC/WSJ/Marist show a gender gap that is alive and kicking - both surveys show Mr. Obama ahead among women by almost 20 points.

Last Sunday CNN’s Candy Crowleyalso discussed the women’s vote on “State of the Union” on a panel featuring Republican Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, CNN correspondent Dana Bash and the Washington Post’s Dan Balz. Here was their take:

Bash said that the Gallup poll was an outlier, but that Obama's lead with women has shrunk. She pointed out that women, in addition to voting more than men, tend to be late deciders, which was why both campaigns were trying to appeal to women in an almost "over-the-top" way. Balz agreed that the poll was an outlier, saying the question wasn't whether Obama would win the women's vote, which Balz said was likely based on historical demographic voting patterns, but by how much. (emphasis mine)

Finally, Nate Silver, the wonky genius behind the NY Times’ fivethirtyeight blog, recently said that the gender gap this election will reach an “historic high”:

If only women voted, President Obama would be on track for a landslide re-election, equaling or exceeding his margin of victory over John McCain in 2008. Although polls disagree on the exact magnitude of the gender gap (and a couple of recent ones seemed to show Mitt Romney eliminating the president’s advantage with women voters), the consensus of surveys points to a large one this year--rivaling the biggest from past elections.

The results in the polls were varied, with the gender gap ranging from 33 points (in a Zogby telephone poll for the Washington Times) to just 8 (in polls by Pew Research and by The Washington Post). On average, however, there was an 18-point gender gap, with Mr. Obama leading by an average of 9 points among women but trailing by 9 points among men.

So all this talk about women deserting Obama for Romney? It's just a bunch of malarkey.


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