I got Married Sept 29, 2012 to Enzo!

I was on the show: Four Weddings on TLC - "Mother Know's Best" episode and we won.
I won a trip to France.  We had to fly about 8 hrs to Paris... then take 2 trains to LA GACILLY, France. Kind of a coutry style hotel.  

But this is what happened! We Leave on a Monday... We take off from NY and 15 mins into the flight the plane has to turn back around and land. ARE YOU SERIOUS?  They tell us because the seats are loose on row bla bla bla.... As we are walking off the plane, my husband is curious and decides to see if the seat is loose. Nope... All political bullsh** that was going on.  We get off have a cigarette and all of a sudden are interviewed (on the news) about the whole thing :

"Did you hear about the flight that had to turn around?"

"Yes we were just on it."  

Long story short. We had to fly to San Juan because there were no flights to Paris until the next day. We go to San Juan stuff our face and have a couple of drinks. We dont have our luggages.... So the next day we go to a local gift store and buy bathing suits and go to the beach.. Our flight to Paris was leaving later that day.

Now we get to Paris, take the 2 trains to La Gacilly and turn to Enzo : "Our room better have a Jacuzzi or something  because all this crap we went through just to get here."
We walk in and ummmmm WHAT? Its like a basic room with the most boring view. Country? The grass was not even that green,  looked more like hay. Now the trip is free so I am still grateful. Lets make the best of it, I think to myself.

So we eat dinner.... look around the hotel, look at the indoor pool, have a glass of wine and smoke some cigarettes. (I know I need to quit)
The waiter tells us that there is a village walking distance (5 min) that has pictures and little cafe's restaurants so we go there the next day.  We have to walk through the woods so we cannot go there at night.

We buy a croissant, we walk around, there is a lake with boats- "how pretty."
BUT HOLD ON! NO ONE SPEAKS ENGLISH - The people at the hotel speak very little.. And the people of this town do not get tourists from NY. So Thank God me and Enzo learned a couple of phrases to get by. And we said we were from Italy because we figured they would be nicer to Europeans. I know right????

So basically that is all that is to do near the hotel unless you rent a car and drive 3 hrs to Paris or  1 hour to the hottest towns. We were in the middle of nowhere and this tiny village can we done in one day.  Enzo didn't want to rent a car - I don't blame him (ok maybe a little). We are in a foreign country - who knows how they drive.  So the hotel had WIFI, thank God! We managed to find a place a half hour away to visit...  ROCHENFORT So we took the cab there like on Wed or Thur and hung out there for the day. There were restaurants, cafes, an old church, even a castle.  YAY SO WANT TO SEE A CASTLE. Couldn't go inside but we were in the vacinity.  It was really nice.

Okay so the trip was free, the hotel food (dinner) was free every night and we had wine with it too. Can't complain when you win something right?  When I go back to FRANCE. It will be in PARIS or somewhere there is more action. I kind of got jealous one day that the birds were having  fun and there I was thinking on what to do next. 
We got a free massage too. But that hotel was too dull to stay for 6 days. It's like if you go to Atlantic city - Only good for 2-3 days tops.

We did go to Paris the last day- we got there at 5.  We ate &rushed to go to the Eiffel Tower. by the time we were done it was almost 8:00 so the tours were closing. We ran to the boat tour and kind of saw all of the famous monuments and churches from there. Hey we only had a half of day. We slept over night - and back home.


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