A Wonderful Trip Through Caleb's Crossing

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Caleb's Crossing by Geraldine Brooks was a pleasure to read. While it took me a few chapters to become adjusted to the manner of speech the narrator was using, once I did the story swept me away. It gave a very different view to those early times of our country, from both an Indian and a Pilgrim's perspective. It also portrayed how often people then lost so many people they cared about to minor ailments that we rarely think of now.

The narrator, Bethia, is someone you want to succeed. You want her to become the woman she dreams to be, and to be free of the binds of her time. Her relationship with Caleb, while difficult and inappropriate for the time is one to be cherished and envied. Brooks did a masterful job with setting the stage of this novel. She lays the scene perfectly, you really feel as though you are seeing what she saw while writing. Though based on a true story, the details and imagination used in the story is what really makes this a work of art. After I had finished Caleb's Crossing, I picked up another book and the wording almost seemed harsh after the beautiful language used in this novel.

As an avid reader of many different types of books, I will be looking for Geraldine Brooks' work in the future and if it is half as good as Caleb's Crossing I will be satisfied. This book is truly a gem of understanding and I would suggest it to anyone.

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