A Wonderful Week for Women

On Free-SpeechTV this past week a 95-year old woman reminded us that crises and catastrophes are opportunities to solve problems and become better human beings…things are solvable…all we have to do is step up to the plate. The second woman I admired this week was Poet, Suheir Hammad on BookFairChannel an American born Palestinian speaking out in love, begging for love to overcome our differences.  Third,  a 30 year ago rerun of “All in the Family” with Gloria and Meatball arguing over his “belittling” habit. (His needs&wants more important than Her needs&wants, yadda, yadda.)  The episode ends with Meatball realizing nothing is important if his wife wasn't there to experience it with him. (You would think men would get this by now but in the aftermath of so many recent high profile extra-marital affairs…it looks like, not.)  Finally a home town headline entitled “But women can’t fly airplanes” or can they?” written by a Richard Parkhurst whose father tells him the story of how as a boy he only wanted to emulate bomber pilots flying out of England to bomb Nazi Germany.  His father tells the boy that he knew of no bomber pilots, but he did know some women pilots who shuttled planes from the factories to bases, some all the way to England. A new woman Supreme may get sworn in this week and I can’t count the many brilliant women who bring me the news in finance, war, & health. I couldn’t find a pencil fast enough to get the name of that 95-year old woman who has lived through everything already, but I’m with her…No more bail-outs, start working together! Men need to get their act together or we will have to intervene. What that means, I don't know but it won't be pretty.


DJ Parsons


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