Won't you join me in a clinky glass?

I mentioned yesterday that I'd tripped up my month of entries for the NaBloPoMo July topic: Food. But if you'll indulge me I'll just play along like I'm still running with the pack. My interest today isn't so much food as it is drink. This is curious (is it?!) only because I had been to alcoholism and back, and stopped drinking, before I even turned 21. There've been a couple stumbles in the intervening 10+ years but nothing of note in the past five (except maybe me and Husband snookered at the airport once but that's a tale for another time).
But lately these flashy Smirnoff ads that fade in and out on video clip sites like NBC and Comedy Central (don't quote me on these as the location of the commercials, I have a wandering mouse when it comes to comedy and lose track of things) have done a superb job of convincing me that a cool and clinky glass of Smirnoff white grape flavored vodka and cranberry juice with crystal clear cubes of ice would be damned refreshing on these hot and humid midwestern days. And there aren't even any glasses in the commercials, just a sexy bottle. The glass and the ice are on the Smirnoff website and YES the commercial did prompt me to check out the website; I'm not sure what I was looking for. Coupons maybe? I always check websites for coupons. Anyway, when I went looking for a little pic to show ya'll to try to convey the simply loveliness of the sleekly curved bottle, I found that there's about a billion other flavors that appeal to me... green apple, cranberry, LIME! But here's the thing... I'm not a drinker. Or rather, I oughtn't be a drinker. I never learned when to say when. Can't say as I've ever had a proper cocktail or been to a cocktail party per se but I'm supposedly an adult now and should be able to sensibly enjoy and appreciate all that that affords. Back when I was drinking it was a race to drunkenness on the cheapest hooch we could steal or get somebody to buy for us. Eventually, I became loyal to Bacardi and Pepsi with ice but it still wasn't a "cocktail" as most of the time it was just slopped together in a Taco Bell grande-sized cup. Not exactly a classy or cultural experience. So what am I to make of this? Is it devilishly good marketing that's pulled me in? Perhaps it's my seeking another means of distraction from all this. Perhaps a cool spirited fruity beverage just sounds good, like a lemon ice or bowl of pad thai. Whichever it is, I'm certain I'm overthinking things. I'm not sure whether it's the idea of the product that bothers me, or if it's the fact that I was enticed by a commercial for anything more than its entertainment value. At any rate, it doesn't matter that this particular moment because I haven't the $15 to buy a bottle anyway! Maybe next week. Or not. Unless you're treating... (originally posted by TMC at http://returntorural.blogspot.com 7/8/08)


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