Woo hoo, 10lbs down, can I buy new clothes yet??

YEAH!!  SO I lost 10lbs!!  I am so happy, I am now 212.5lbs according to my home scale.  This exercise is really working.  I was worried that it was only the water weight coming off before, but now I feel really good about the 10lbs.  I was feeling so good that I went out and bought a dress for my friend's wedding this summer, a size too small.  This might have been foolish (OK it is totally idiotic), and it actually does fit now, but it would look a lot better if I was maybe 10 more pounds lighter.  I am going to be seeing alot of people at this wedding that I have not seen in years, and when they last saw me I was I was 145lbs (yes at some point in my life I was 145lbs, granted that was after I lived in Africa for 2 years and was fully unable to eat McDonalds or any absolutely delicious processed foods, but whatever), so I don't want to be super fat when I see these people again.  Granted I have had 2 children since then, but that is no excuse, though I am absolutely going to use it as one. 

What they all didn't know was that I was always a fat girl, just disguised in an enviormentally influenced thinner body.  My huband didn't know either, but then he was alittle of the same way.  He brought the milk home and got the cow for free, lol!! 

Alright, I realize that some of you might be offended by my candor about being a big girl, "fat", but I am sick of not calling it what it is.  Let's not put some pretty label on it, I am fat, there are extra stressors placed on my body because I am bigger than I should be, it is a medical fact.  Once you accept yourself for what you are, you can work to change what you do not like.  So let's not pretty it up with fancy words that just downplay a serious medical issue. 

Its funny but I still see myself as that girl who is 145lbs, I look in the mirror and still see her.   I am not deluding myself, I am just confident in myself as a person, knowing that no matter how fat or thin, I am still the same person.  I am losing weight so I can be medically fit and to be able to teach my children good eating habits, I do not want them to grow up being fat.  It is a hard thing as a child, I only achieved this confidence after many long years of being unsure and shy, hiding behind my body, I do not want my children hindered by this, there is enough for a child to deal with, being overweight does not have to be one of them. 

Ok that is enough rant for 3am, here I come weight loss, YEAH!!


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