Woo, Wow, Win

There’s plenty of advice for candidates out there on how to score that big gig. But, as the hiring company, are you concentrating on what will bring them to you and have them say “yes” to your offer? Will they work with you for more than two years? You need to woo and wow them to win them.


Woo them to you because you have to. The best candidates are hard to find and they need to get pulled into your company. Ensure your website is up to date. This means that the recent news you’ve posted about your company and its people are actually recent news…keep it current. Be prompt in replying to their requests for information. The biggest fail in this area is not having an appropriate job description.


Candidates give us feedback everyday and they tell us that basic tasks don’t happen on a consistent basis. There’s more…don’t make people wait more than ten minutes after the scheduled interview time. If the interviewer will be more than ten minutes late, someone needs to inform the candidate. This is about reducing their anxiety so they perform at their best. Offer them a glass of water because it’s the nice thing to do. Thank them for their time. Understand that they are actually the ones driving the bus.


Wow them now. Their future with you should be exciting, so you need to articulate where things are going with your company and especially what their personal path to success could look like. Set expectations for success and what it will take to be great…it’s the only way they’ll know how to get there.  Have examples of your culture at the ready to paint a picture for them of what it’s like there. Share a success story about someone on the team that they’ll be joining. They want to work with the best; explain why their co-workers are awesome. Company awards and recognition should be talked about as it’s an indication of your excellence and your competitiveness. The best candidates want to win.


You’re not giving someone a job, you’re winning them when they decide to join your team. However, winning doesn’t end there. If the person quits within two years (minimum) you’ve lost. If you’re fixated on building your culture and the expectations for greatness are understood, success will come to the individual and the team, bottom-line and all.

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