Into the Woods

We have officially lived in the country for almost two weeks now.
Although we sacrificed internet to live there, our cell phones don't work anywhere in our current county and we finally had our home phone land line hooked up yesterday, the views are totally worth it. We don't have curtains yet, but as we haven't any neighbors in seeing-in-window distance other than the flora and fauna outside, I'm in no rush to get any window coverings anyway.
Outside the bedroom window:
And from the dining room:
Behind our house is a beautiful Apple orchard that we go walking in sometimes. There is a stone wall separating the orchard's lane from our yard. There are lots of stone walls out here, actually.
I think they're super cool.
A stepping stone I discovered out front - is that a fish?
The leaves are changing like this outside the kitchen window.
While washing the day's dishes I thank the tree for giving me such a lovely and colorful view (much better than a TV, which we don't have one of, by the way.)
There's a pretty little stream running through our yard, full of thick, dancing, singing, living water.
Soon after awakening on the first morning in this house, while it was still dark, I saw my very first shiny blue orb, floating in the bedroom above me. I'd never seen one of those before. It gently blew my mind. That night, I saw dancing lights outside my window, below the tree line, moving in a way that reminded me of fireflies, except the season is too cold by now and I've never in my life seen a firefly move anywhere near the speed at which this little glimmer was dancing around.
It's going to be an interesting year, I think. Here is what I see when I drive toward Sperryville each day...
Two roads diverged in a yellow wood...
We're very much enjoying walking around in the woods near home... (Beehives are cool when they're far away. This could be a wasp's nest too. Either way, I'm sure its inhabitants have stingers. I'll stay on the ground and hope that the thin branch never happens to give out when I'm close by.)
...although I am very aware of the possibility of large animals (apparently Bears got all of the orchard's apples this year,) and my big stick makes me feel better...
Have a beautiful Autumn weekend.


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