Woody Allen did it, dammit.

I have PTSD. I always feel weird admitting that, because it seems like I should have been through combat or something to justify having it. Nevertheless, I was diagnosed with it years ago. Apparently it can go into remission to the point you hope it is gone, but then it be triggered into a flare-up like it never left.

It is mental herpes.

My mental herpes has had a big ol’ flare-up yesterday, y’all. See, there are people – well-meaning, good people – who are inadvertently defending a child molester where I can “hear” it. They are doing this primarily because they think the only evidence against Woody Allen was Mia Farrow’s accusation, and they don’t like the idea of an innocent man tried via social media for such a heinous crime.

Fair enough.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending) I have done the research and am convinced he did it. Thus, people are stepping on one of the landmines in my head that go boom when molesters are given the rape-culture approved benefit of the doubt by people who have no idea they are actively suborning rape culture. I have decided the only way to handle this is to explain, rationally, why I think Woody Allen is a pus-bucket of scummy kiddie rapist and why failing to acknowledge it sends me over the edge.

First, I believe the victim. She is a grown woman now, and she maintains that he did it. The percentage of sex crimes that studies find are false claims is only 2-8 percent, which means “Dylan” is more than 92% likely to be telling the truth. Moreover, she has changed her name, fled from him, and has no fiscal motivation for her claims. Her accounts of her recovery, and the creepy letters Woody Allen has written to her, are textbook for this kind of abuse as well.

Second, I believe her family. Her siblings, which are many in number, all support her and think she was telling the truth – both now and when she was only seven. Friends of the family also believe her, because they saw the aftermath of the reported abuse.

Thirdly, Mia Farrow was forced to report the abuse to the police by Dylan’s pediatrician. She didn’t plan on reporting him, and before you judge her too harshly I would argue that it was motivated by more than just keeping Woody Allen’s reputation safe. More than one of Farrow’s children (including Soon Yi) had suffered this kin of abuse and so circumstances had ‘normalized’ it; Farrow has grown up in our rape culture too. Furthermore, anyone with even a tenuous grasp of reality knows that abuse reports tend to fail. People don’t believe the victim, they side with the abuser, and they accuse the mom of putting the kid “up to it”. Which is EXACTLY what happened. Not to mention their was the fact that Dylan was too traumatized to testify and Farrow was doing everything she could to salvage her daughter’s psyche.

Then there is what the court found:

“In June 1993, Justice Elliott Wilk awarded custody of Dylan to Mia and denied Allen immediate visitation with the child. He allowed Moses to decide for himself whether he wanted to see his adoptive father again, and he increased Ronan’s—then Satchel’s—visits to three a week, supervised. The judge concluded that Allen demonstrated no parenting skills and was “self-absorbed, untrustworthy, and insensitive.” Allen’s trial strategy, he concluded, had been “to separate his children from their brothers and sisters; to turn the children against their mother.” He found “no credible evidence” to support Allen’s contention “that Ms. Farrow coached Dylan or that Ms. Farrow acted upon a desire for revenge against him for seducing Soon-Yi.” He found the molestation allegations inconclusive. Allen appealed, but the opinion was upheld.”

Finally, there is the fact Woody Allen started banging his adopted daughter, Soon Yi, when she was still in her teens … if he even waited that long. Soon Yi was the the abandoned child of a Korean prostitute who had suffered horrible physical abuse and had lived on the streets of Seoul until a Catholic orphanage took her in. As a child she had serious emotional issues and “developmental delays”, including learning disabilities and a lower than average IQ. In short, she would have been the PERFECT target for a narcissistic child molester.  She would have been compliant from a desperation for affection and easily controlled and manipulated.


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