Word Press Blogging

Word press blogs offer a variety of modules, themes and widgets to choose from. It is a wonderful blogging community, and one I wanted to share with my new friends and new community here at Blogher. Wondering if any other woman in here blogs on wordpress? This would be the easy online platform, not the downloadable wordpress version.

On Wordpress you are allowed html coding in the text boxes, but not any form of javascript or iframe coding. This is nothing to get discouraged over, many sites now are removing javascript embedded coding. Wordpress is not the first or last website to do this.

The modules can range from text, rss and pictures. You can place as many keywords or tags in each blog post as you choose.

I have added a few outside widgets into the text modules without any issues because they had the html coding. I plan on adding the blogher one from here to the wordpress site.

Wordpress does not allow advertising of any sort, since they would not be making any money from your site.

The wordpress  blogs are simple to use and maintain. I only use the share button, that I wrote an article about, that places my articles directly from the website I write for into wordpress. What a small miracle that is. Good feature to invest in, and maybe blogher could be added to the Add this button. It makes sharing an article easy to do, and places it right into the blog

May I meet other wordpress bloggers on this site!


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