A Word to the Wise. But Which Word?

There were four generations of us eating and laughing and reminiscing and debating and drinking and sharing stories…and it was just great.  One of the topics that came up --as often happens when there are lots of women and wine around-- was men.  It started out as a "can't do with 'em, can't do without 'em, can't kill 'em" kind of conversation.  It eventually evolved (or digressed) into "what should a young woman do?"  And that's when it got tricky.  Lots of women, lots of opinions.

 Marriage? At what age? Maybe never?  Then what?


 Of course, there's no one right answer.  This is not a one-size-fits-all conversation.  Or is it?  

I know that most women do want to get married and that most women still think that marriage should be every young woman's end-game.  


 I'm not anti-marriage.  But I don't think marriage is for everybody. Done right,  marriage can be a really good thing.  And yet,  Continue readinghttp://eleanorewells.com/a-word-to-the-wise-but-which-word/







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