Word of the year



That is the word I am choosing to guide 2014.

There are so many parts of my life this year in which I felt like I was barely surviving and was nowhere near Love. Self-love, love for others, being open to loving and being loved. So this upcoming year is about taking many of those parts and moving past surviving and barely keeping my head above water and turning it into a year in which I thrive and grow like a well looked after and loved plant- with love for myself and for others.

Unlearning “truths” that I’ve held for years is a part of my life in which I’ve merely been keeping my head barely above water. Those truths that we all “know” about ourselves… where you “know” you aren’t thin and beautiful, that you are a procrastinator who can’t finish a project on time to save your life, that for some reason you are unworthy of love, that you are not a great parent. All sorts of bullshit that somehow, I became convinced were true about me.

A part of love is growing and developing. For me, that means that even though I can’t just decide to one day up and change what I “know” about myself… I can work on proving to myself that I CAN think of myself differently, that I can develop new “truths” about myself. So the love starts and ends with me. It’s entirely possible that Love might be THE word of my entire life.

Do you choose a word of the year ( I know Mrs.Tee did!)? If so I'd love to know what your word was last year or what it is for the coming year.