Word of the year?


It's everywhere. Gone are the days of "resolutions", now we are supposed to pick one word that represents the upcoming year of our life.

One word, huh?

I'm seeing embrace, inspire, lucid... I'm either not that deep, or I can't find one word that deep that could encompass an entire year. Our family word this year is fun. Yep, we're keeping it simple. We need simple. I guess simple could've been our word for the year, but that's unrealistic if you know me.

We're pretty settled, and it's been a busy year of hard work and transition. At some point you have to push the :pause: button and just enjoy life for awhile. The Sailor has said many times that we're always working at something; another cross country move, another baby, another financial change. I remind him that at our age, this is what we're supposed to be doing. We want certain things in life, but those things take work. When your goal is to have a good sized family, along with a nice house, vacations, financial stability and security, you don't just wave your magic wand and they appear. You have to build that life through hard work and certain sacrifices. Job hopping and bar hopping doesn't get you anywhere, so why waste a decade doing it?

Without forgetting about our plan, it's time to relax and enjoy where we are now. There are no more babies being added, no moves in the near future, and our finances are stable. It's time to have some fun.


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