Words are Worlds. Make an Impact. Dont Wait for the World to Get Better; Blog it Better!

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Impact 1: Change the World
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Elisabeth Manning

Words have extreme impact. How can we use them to make an impact on our own life as well as the world around us? What makes some people want to change the world and others not? How it is related to manifesting what "I want in my little life"?

Creation has a mind of her own, and if we understood her we would have the powerful edge to create what we desire in life. Words are like commands; they literally are the beginning of creations. The power of Intention is one of the key ingredients to directing these creations into form. How we want to make an impact is up to us; but with blogging there does come some level of responsibility.

  • I would love to explore this with those truly passionate about what makes things come into being and how we can put our own human "inner technology" to work so not only our blogging creates power, but our other life creations become effortless, meaningful, and impactful for the greater earth.
  • What exactly, keeps us from creating what we want?
  • How can I "get some?"
  • Introduce Law of Attraction, vibration, chakras, and energy and how it all works and how it ties into blogging to make an impact.
  • How can I align with what is truly supposed to be mine as opposed to what I think I want?
  • Q and A for people having a hard time being positve, upbeat or in service in their blogs.
  • Clear intent makes waves. Explore your Soul/Life purpose (Primary Postulate) that feeds all other creation.
  • Follow up with tools and a "buddy" to practice at home so you are supported!

Remember, you are all creators first, and it is your birthright. Your words matter. ~e