But the words got in the way

After my third trip to the hardware store, I decided to enjoy the unseasonably warm spring, while my husband, Marc, did tile work with his friend. I grabbed my book, and made myself comfortable on the beach. Eventually the weather shifted, becoming more seasonal and chilly.  As I exited the beach, Mike, my favorite security guard was doing his rounds, so I gave him a big hello.


“By your lonesome today,” he asked.


“Yep,” I replied.


“Oh yeah, your husband’s doing construction, right?” He asked.


“Yep,” I muttered again. Then I decided to elaborate, “He is busy in the bathroom playing with his friend.”

As soon as the words were out of my mouth, it hit me what I said. “Oh shit!” I exclaimed.  “That didn’t come out right,” I asked.


“Um, nope,” Mike replied trying unsuccessfully to hide his laughter.  “But, I knew what you meant.”


Don’t you hate when you words come out wrong? Has this happened to you recently?

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