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 We love, love, LOVE blogger and vlogger Eugenia Berg - aka Married Girl in a Weird World.

Eugenia is happily and interracially married. She and her hubby are expecting Baby Berg later this year!

Today's Subject: There IS a Difference!

Today, Eugenia discusses the reality of self sabotage in today's vlogPsychology Today defines self sabotage as behavior that "creates problems and interferes with long-standing goals." Eugenia provides examples of this behavior taken from the best source possible - her own life.

According to Eugenia, there is a difference between self-sabotage and vetting. She asks, "Do you understand what it is?" Eugenia has written two other blogs pertaining to self-sabotage and vulnerability in relationships. You can find those blogs here, and here.

For a complete mini workshop on the subject of self sabotage, I invite you to read Eugenia's two blogs and listen to her vlog. 

After you read the blogs and listen to the video, feel free to ask Eugenia any questions you like.

In the meantime, listen and learn, people.

Listen, and learn.


Join in the Fray: In what ways have you engaged in self sabotaging behavior?

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