Work at Home

Working at home is an interesting concept. 

Or maybe I should say working from home.  We all work at home, don't we?  But when one is doing work which is not actually related to the home itself or the family you're really working while at home, or working from home. But I digress...  What I really wanted to talk about was this:

When you work at home you feel divided.  You spend the time you are working thinking about all the home stuff that you need to do.  You think about what to make for dinner as you send an email.  You wonder if the laundry is dry yet while you make a phone call.  If you're computer is positioned in a spot like mine is right now, you stare at the dirty dishes while you organize some paperwork. 

When you are doing the home stuff you think about the work you need to get done.  While you make dinner, you think about the email you just sent - or need to send.  While you fold the laundry, you think about the phone call you just made - or need to make.  And if your computer is positioned in a spot like mine is now, you stare at it while you load the dishwasher and think about...  Well, you get the picture. 

I don't remember this being much of an issue when I worked out of the home.  Maybe it was and I've just allowed myself to block out that particular memory.  I'm sure there's a balance in there somewhere.  A way to shut down the work side of the brain while focusing on the home side, and vice versa.  I just haven't gotten the hang of it.

(originally posted @ This Is My Day Job)

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