Work at Home is Not a Profession

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So what does it really mean to work at home? Is it a job title? A scam? A specific opportunity? Is it just telecommuting? Does it count if you're a freelancer or small business owner with a home office? This excellent post sorts through all the misconceptions and gets to the heart of what it means.

There are many misconceptions about what work at home actually is. I often see questions posted on forums, Q & A websites, and comment threads asking what work at home pays or if all work at home is just a scam, as though “work at home” were a single job title or opportunity. Many times these questions are unfortunately followed by answers posted by equally misinformed people confirming that work at home is a scam or by others posting scam links. This is not always the case, I do see good referrals from time to time, but in general, the entire concept of working at home gets very blurred.

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