Is Work-Life Balance for Entrepreneurs an Oxymoron?

So to all of my family and friends,  when you see me walking around crazy looking, unkempt, stressed, irritated or just plain tired.  If I haven't called you in months or for some a year.  If I don't answer when you call or RSVP to events.  You now know why. I'm still learning how to balance. I'm trying. My mind is occupied. I'm tired. I don't feel like smiling or pretending that everything is ok.  I don't have time to talk about the weather.  I'm thinking about the next days tasks or cleaning up food out of my carpet that dropped from my son's dinner plate from the night before.   I'm a Mom first, A Business Woman next,  a Blogger and a Musician.  I think that's more than enough hats for any one person to wear.

I didn't write this to complain or to gather "Amens".  I just accept that this is who I am.  I'm an Entrepreneur and Multi-Faceted Woman. Everything that I do is all a part of a hard days work. So to follow up on the question as to whether or not Work-Life Balance for Entrepreneurs is an Oxymoron. My answer? You'd have to be a Moron to not know the answer to that, after reading this article.  Until next time Stars.




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