Work Out Your Brain for Health

Neurogenesis is the growth and development of nervous tissue. Here are some brain exercises orNeurobonics, a term coined by Lawrence Katz and Manning Rubin.  It refers to the physiological effects of unique and non-routine ways of thinking and moving and the effects these movements can have on the brain.  Most daily activities we do continuously become so automatic that they don’t require much brain activity.  Participating in less familiar activities produce more neurotransmitters and have a great effect on altering and strengthening neurons and synaptic connections.  So don’t forget to work out your brain for better health.

In the very practical book, SuperCharge Your Brain by Dr. David Jockers, he gives us a few simple ways we can encourage neurogenesis. Dr. Jockers has written the definitive work for the lay public on the subject of optimizing brain function. The role that neurology plays in health and quality of life is one of the most exciting and rapidly developing fields of our time, but until recently there have been relatively few sources capable of conveying this information to the average man or woman looking to improve his or her health.

Here are some specific new activities to give your brain a work out and should incorporate all 5 senses:
  • Writing or holding a utensil in your non-dominant hand
  • Walking down the hallway with your eyes closed
  • One leg balance exercises
  • Spend time outside smelling plants and flowers
  • Eat foods with lots of color to stimulate your visual senses
  • Feel the texture of different objects such as rocks, shells, etc.

Other ways to get a brain workout and neurogenesis include:

  • Smell essential oils to excite the brain
  • Brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand
  • Listen to classical music or music that has different tones, melodies and instruments than you are used to listening to.
  • Surround yourself with lots of different colors
  • Play a new instrument or try a new sporting activity
  • Do a crossword puzzle
  • Walk barefoot outside and pay attention to the unique feel of the rocks and ground with your feet
  • Sit in a park and journal about all the unique sounds and smells you are experiencing
  • Read a book or recite a speech out loud while pacing with your eyes closed
  • Try a healthy new dish with unique flavors you are not accustomed to

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