Work in Progress

I'm sorry that I've been Sir Not Appearing in This Blog for the last few weeks.  Babies, teething, you know the drill.  I've been pretty limited in my crafting, too.  Most of my time has been spent on one of my two current big projects.  I had two skeins of Wollmeise "Pure" from a grab bag that I bought before it was called Wollmeise "Pure," one each in We're Different (sort of like outlet-store version) Nicole and Franz with Chicken Pox.  

I liked the colors together and I wanted to do some sort of sweater combining them.  I really liked the look ofrose/rouge, a wide, striped tee.  I didn't think it would exactly work with my yarn, though, because I was afraid the Franz would pool, and I really don't like pooling.  I've read that the best way to attack pooling is with texture, so I thought that perhaps I could generally follow the rose/rouge pattern, but use a textured stitch instead.  I chose half-linen stitch because I love the way it looks and it isn't difficult to remember.

So, that didn't really help with the pooling.

What to do?  I still wanted to use the yarns together in a sweater and I liked the shape of rose/rouge, but wide stripes clearly weren't going to work for me.  I spent some time doodling and came up with the idea of a sequence of stripes of different sizes, none longer than six rows.  I hoped this might help tame the yarn.

I'm a repeat and a half in, and it still pools a lot from far away.

In person, though, I think it looks quite a bit more tame.

After another half of a repeat, I should be ready to start shaping for the arms.  I will try the sweater-in-progress on at that point to make sure I like the length, so I'll try to take a picture for you all then!


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