Work In Progress: The Heart Doesn't Wrinkle ... New Love in Old Age

I finally achieved a happy marriage late in life--my third. I was 71 and Sam was 81. We dated for four years and were married for only two. Life with Sam felt like a bit of heaven on earth, until one day his eye began to bulge and it turned out that he had a fast-acting, rare, and fatal cancer. For those last three terrible weeks, I sat at his bedside in the hospital while he fought to stay alive, and I was holding his hand when he died in June, 2011.

Two years later, when my grief had receded, the NY Times published my short story about my late-in-life love of Sam, fleshing out our backgrounds and the way our love grew. (The 1500 word limit for the Times column required that I omit many experiences and stories I’d have liked to include.) Among the hundreds of letters I received was an offer from Ballantine Books to publish a book about new love in old age tentatively titled "The Heart Doesn't Wrinkle."

I’ve found, to my surprise, that love in old age can be in many ways better—the lessons learned along life’s path add new dimensions to the art of connection, and enable older people to finesse some of the glitches and difficulties that lead couples to conflict and heartache. 


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