work sucked

So I would like to say that sometimes people suck, not any of you of course, haha, but just people in general can be terrible. I already said I wait tables at a restraunt, and heres my issue, if you are going to go out and sit at my table in my section for 2 hours can you please leave the credit card slip. NO not a tip, the signature slip, heres what happened, some bozo purposly or accidently took the slip== No tip! I would just like to know that you intentionally left no tip, bc that I can deal with, but having to take it pro bono bc you took the slip really sucks. At least if you write $0.00 I can say "hmmm. maybe I didnt do a great job?" OK! Which in any case I did because Im awesome, its true I really am. So thats the venting I needed to do- thanks


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