Work Sucks (I Know)


As an advanced warning, today’s post is going to be a moan about work. I really need to get all of this out of my system.


I posted before about how I had returned to work, but in an entirely new job. I spoke about how I was afraid to start a new job – primarily because nobody would know me. Nobody would know my story, nobody would understand why I might have bad days, nobody would understand why I might not be performing to my full potential.


Since my employment began, I have been quite honest with people in my office about Finley. I have a photo of him in the frame that I made on my desk. People seem to want to try and be compassionate, but they don’t know me well, and they didn’t know me when I was pregnant. They all say the wrong things.


I think I’ve been fairly strong in going back to work so soon. Dealing with the demands of learning a new job on top of trying to cope with my grief has been hard work.


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Finley Arthur Sissons 23/03/2012 - 26/03/2012


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