Workin' for a Livin'

little girl at play kitchen

Workin' for a Livin'

hot coffee, a big splash of cream
helps open my eyes from a dream
just a couple of sips
‘cross my poor yawning lips
and like magic, I’m ready to beam

a client or two rings the bell
one giggles, one’s destined to yell
a few more come inside
waiting arms, open wide
what the day will bring, s'too soon to tell

some smiles, lots of laughs, a few tears
parents joke all the time, “you need beers”
they look at the crowd
energized and quite loud
raise their brows, close the door, and switch gears

they drive off to their jobs in the city
leaving me with a check and their pity
what they don’t always see
is that I love to be
knee deep in sweet kids, itty-bitty

sure, they’re noisy and messy and clingy
bouncing off of the walls, over-springy
but properly guided
shown the way, not just chided
they’re darling and kind, a bit dingy

kids know in their hearts what is right
and aren’t programmed inside for a fight
when given the chance
they will laugh, love, and dance
celebrating each day with delight

though I love what I do for my money
there’s something that’s really quite funny
were a big load of loot
to drop fast in my boot
I’d run off, not look back, with my honey

we’d live in the sticks with our brood
sleep and wake on a schedule of mood
no alarm would blast mornings
giving time-to-work! warnings
and we might even grow our own food

we’d look out our back door and see trees
lots of green, a red barn, maybe bees
buzzing happily through
to their hive and their crew
to make sweet stuff for us and our teas

my bank account’s thin, not yet plump
so there’s no time to sit on my rump
but I take my week’s pay
and I squirrel some away
for the age when I’m no working chump

one day in a not distant year
we’ll unpack all our things with great cheer
in a wee little space
far away from this place
we’ll have that new life, lower gear

for right now, I’ll take what the day brings
lack of sleep, too-bright toys, kids on springs
though the past was a treat
and the future looks sweet
‘tis this moment where life grows its wings


Photo courtesy of Morgue File, which offers lots of wonderful, free images for public usage.

Written for this week’s GBE topic, “Work.” If you’d like to blog with us, just clickety-click. All are welcome!



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