Working full time plus 2 young children plus college equals crazy

If someone would have told me six years ago that I would be working full time with 2 young children while going to college at the same time, I would have said "Yeah right".  But here I am six years later doing exactly that.  I am taking one class per semester until I get my bachelor's degree.  I am officially crazy.  I am doing it out of necessity though.  In the city that I live in, a person in my field needs a bachelor's degree in order to have job security. There is a new recommendation that 80% of people in my profession need to have bachelor's degree by 2020.  Suddenly, my diploma degree isn't good enough anymore. 

I think this reccommendation is a super secret agreement between the colleges and the state in order to boost enrollment in college and get tuition money. Also, to make over worked people like myself go insane.  It reminds me of natural selection.  The strongest person survives.  There are many working mothers at my job trying to do the same thing.  We all look and feel about 1000 years old.  It is hard to juggle everything,  A lot of people at work tell me it is good to go back to college while my children are young.  I think it would have been a better idea to have gotten it out of the way before I had children.  Of course they did not make the recommendation until after my second child was born. 

Some of you are probably thinking, why on earth is this women writing a blog when she has so much to do.  I have no idea.  Time to do laundry, take kids to swimming class with a lively sessions of statistics after. 

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