Working Mom Guilt

I frequently see articles in Working Mother Magazine about how I can relax about the Mommy Guilt because other kids don't come out feeling badly, performing poorly or being angry because their moms worked when they were children. The only problem with these articles is what I am sure an unintended side effect - I feel worse.

The articles are written with refreshing honesty, which leads me to believe they are completely true, but also leave me with the impression that at least some or most of the time growing up, the children did resent their mother's career or something really bad happened when the mom was at work and couldn't get away. I know it's not intentional, that the point is supposed to be - see, this happened AND it turned out okay, but I never quite grasp that ending.

Maybe I'm still only seeing the beginning of this cycle. My son is two now, and I'm working full-time while considering attempting another conception. I wonder half the time if I'm crazy to even think it's possible for me to work full time and have 2 young children. But on the other hand, I would hate for my son to grow up without a sibling. I'm stuck in a weird middle, and I don't really know many working moms.

Does the guilt ease over time? Are you able to see the ending - the responsible, independent, confident children at some point? Surely there are other working moms who struggle? Or am I alone?


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