A Working Mom Vents About an Ongoing Conundrum

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As a working parent you are always torn between work and family obligations. What about the inevitable school events that require time off from work? How much flexibility can you flex within your job without shirking your responsibilities? What about making sure your kids know you are there for them? The conundrum is explored firsthand in this post.

I cried a little today. I needed to vent some frustration. I am frustrated because this Friday is the summer concert at my children’s school and I just found out. I may ask for some flex time to attend, even though it’s short notice, but my top priority is my daughter’s theatre performance. I wasn’t able to attend her fall performance due to short notice and a lack of flexibility at the time. And so I really want to attend the end of year show. If I can only attend one event, that would be my choice.

It’s not just working parents who miss out when they can’t get to school events. If you’ve ever watched a child on a school stage scan the audience anxiously looking for parents and then waving and smiling when they are spotted, you understand how important family involvement is to a child. Schools constantly remind us to take an active role in our children’s education – that involvement should extend beyond academics.

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