Working Moms, "Hello and How are You?"

I wonder, is a vacation ever truly a vacation when you are a working mom? Or, a stay at home mom for that matter? There always seems to be time sensitive calls or emails that always arise as well as the constant need to check in. Today is my son's birthday and I "vacationed" at Six Flags Great Adventure. But, somewhere between "Scream Mountain" (yes I did go upside down and backwards with my nine year old by my side) and the water park, I felt the need to check the crackberry and mentally prepare for my 5 p.m. conference call. So now I ask, "Is it feasible for a workaholic like me to ever take a vacation in the truest sense of the word?" Vacation: "Leisure time away from work devoted to rest or pleasure." I do hope that you have experienced some rest or pleasure during your summer vacation. As moms, we certainly deserve it and so does Michelle Obama, who received a bit of flak as she stepped off Airforce One wearing shorts - she too was going on VACATION - to the Grand Canyon. What else should she have worn?!? A shift dress? A tweed suit?!? I think not. received a lot of attention while I was vacationing as Z100 Radio aired our interview with DJ and Butterfly mom, Danielle Monaro. I'd like to officially welcome all of our new members - many of whom tuned in to listen that very day. I'm going to re-enact a scene from the infamous TV series "The Magic Garden." You know the 70's show where Paula and Carole would regularly express personal greetings to members of their audience, saying "hello ___, hello ___" and inserting various first names. They never did say "Hello Bradi", although I never lost hope. Here we go:

Hello Muriel! "A single mom with a five year old daughter, who has two jobs and still trying to further her education in the health industry."

Hello Cristina! "Cristina's career spans over eighteen years as a graphic designer/art director/illustrator. She's also an avid photographer, mostly a hobby until recently when she was fortunate enough to be in a show in which she sold a few of her prints. And, she recently published and illustrated her first children's book in collaboration with a writer/friend of hers."

Hello Lauren! "A High School Health and PE teacher for about eleven years now. She has been married for three years and has a gorgeous son named Nicolas Anthony! (Nicolas is almost seventeen months old). Lauren would love to find a valid online business so that she can make some extra money from home and is afraid of scams... especially when they want money from her first! What is great is that during the school year she can do her job too because Lauren finishes work nearly everyday at 2:30 p.m.! Lauren gets up M-F to go the gym at 5 a.m. and is trained five days a week."

Browse the members, say "Hello!" Join some of the groups, say "Hello" and if you're really feeling "The Magic Garden" sing as you type "Hello and How are You?" and its community of mothers allows you the opportunity to make new friends, business contacts or to increase your network overall. We've gone ahead and awarded some of your Butterfly friends for their blog posts, as promised in our "30 Winners in 30 Days Contest." On 8/22 Heather won a signed copy of Colbie Caillat's Coco CD, on 8/23 Nida Noboa blogged and won the book entitled "A Woman's Guide to Investing" and on 8/24 Bari Wood uploaded a post and won a DVD entitled "14 Women." Keep blogging at and we will keep handing out prizes. Say "Hello" to that!

Enjoy what's left of your summer/vacation and watch out for our SEPTEMBER Mom Mentor Videos: Nationally known Legal Analyst; Lisa Bloom, Country Music Songwriter/Playwright/Producer; Sue Fabisch, CEO of Moxy Entertainment Valerie Delong, and Co-Host of Toronto's "the Mom Show"; Laurie Gelman. You DO NOT want to miss this!

Mother, Wife, and Worker


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