Working People Have Limited Time Resources; Let's Respect That


First of all, stay-at-home parents are working people.  I've been one, and I know.  That's just in case someone misinterprets my post. 

However, stay-at-home parents have more time options than working parents.  There are those who will try to argue with me, but I'm more than willing to put up my dukes and take 'em, so bring it on.  I'd bet money, if I had any, which I don't, that stay-at-home parents who have worked outside of the home will understand what I'm about to say here.

Why do some people who don’t work outside the home still do their errands during the busiest times of the day for working people who DON’T have much time? I mean, jeepers!

When I was home with my two babies, albeit briefly, I carved my whole day into segments where I could do my business during the times when I would least inconvenience working people with limited time resources. I would NEVER place myself and my kids where someone who worked and had 15 minutes left out of his/her only break of the day, might be held up by us.  This has nothing to do with whines about "she must not like children, wah wah wah," etc; it's a matter of common (or uncommon) courtesy.

On days when I knew we would have to leave the house, I timed their naps (such as they were) and our mealtimes to accommodate rush hours and lunch hours for working people. (No, I did not let my toddlers go hungry whilst waiting for a more convenient time!  We just didn't go out until people with limited time had their chance to eat, bank, etc,) I almost always fed my children at home, on a schedule best for them, anyway.  Fast food was the exception, not the rule.  However, we did NOT go to town during the times when working people were trying to fit lunch and errands into their one lone free hour. During peak lunch hours for working people, we stayed home and out of their way.

I still think this is only courteous. Am I the only one?





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