Working Woman Vs The Stay At Home Mom

In light of the recent "accusations" of the SAHM. I thought I would write a post. I hope to keep politics out of my blog as much as possible as we live in a FREE country. And whom you choose to vote for is your decision. I hate the bickering, back-stabbing, and arguing over whose right and whose wrong. Do your research. Don't stretch the facts. And for heaven's sake stop complaining and VOTE.

Anyway. Getting off my soapbox... After hearing the recent statements of the SAHM I thought I would give some opinions. First of all, I am both. I have the privilege of mostly working from home. My kids maybe stay with a sitter 2 times a month. Other than that, they are with me. ALL THE TIME. All the time, because not only do I work and stay home with my kids, I have chosen to home school them. And although I wouldn't have it any other way, there are some days I want to pull my hair out.

Being a mother is the highest and toughest job a woman can have. Lets not forget that we are RAISING the next generation of politicians, businessmen and women, MOTHERS, doctors, lawyers, ext. I'm not saying that a working mom doesn't work hard. Its super hard to work and then come home and maintain the laundry, cooking, cleaning, homework, and everything else that comes with that. I know. I've been there too. But what I miss the most about working is the break. The break to clear your mind even if you are typing papers, answering phones, or juggling a mirage of company issues. Sure its stressful. But so is being at home 24 HOURS a day. The constant question answering, meltdown handling, and schedule organizing.

And on top of all of that, who are we to say that SAHM's can't have a grasp on the world around us? I'm sure there are some women who just don't care. But I'm sure there are just as many men. I want to stay on top of  politics, the economy, our nation's security and the job market. And being the "sheltered" SAHM that I am can say that I'm pretty informed about most of it. I read a lot of books, stay on top of the news, and in my little "sheltered" side of the SAHM world can hold my own in a good debate.

Not only does a SAHM have to be a mom, but she has to be every aspect of our economy. Raising our children to be well rounded while juggling the day to day of that job.  She has made a great sacrifice to give up some things to raise her children, which I truly believe that while our kids our young, is our highest calling. I know not all moms can do it. But I also know that not all moms have the guts to.