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Lift that bail tote that barge

 I have given myself a homework assignment for this evening: I must watch Four Christmas's. Its been sitting there gathering dust in its little envelope since, oh, I don't know, a long time ago.

I keep saying I'm going to watch it and then something comes up, first it was a run of really good Law and Order seasons and then it was the Olympics and how could I watch some not very good Vince Vaughn movie instead of several hours of Nordic Combined? I mean really?! but now I think I should just watch the damn thing on fast forward if I have to just to get it out of my house.

 I hate returning a movie I haven't watched because then I paid a lot of money for it and it didn't do anything and I wasted the charge. In this case however I wouldn't feel all that bad as the late fees would be huge by now, well more than the $9 a month I lay out for Netflix for the privilege of having their movies gather dust on top of my TV.

Keeping that in mind I could just return it and move on to not watch the next movie in my list because I think the next movie is one I do want to see, so if I just return it I can get out of my own way and see something I might enjoy but, there is nothing on TV tonight and I have no L&O's T-Fauxed for once and I think I can watch the movie finally guilt free.

 I deserve it. I washed the dog, laundered her stuff and did a load of dishes and then bathed myself (dog washing is the art of turning yourself in to your own dirty dog. You have successfully washed your dog when you smell worse than it does.) I made dinner instead of rewarding myself for being a good dog mommy and frankly for eating left over sausage, I think I should reward myself.

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