Work/Marriage/Life Balance - The Trifecta.

I’ve had to break up my posts a bit – I can only squeeze in blog writing about 10 minutes a day. I work in publishing so my deadlines are insane!

This is our daily schedule:

I wake up around 7am, drag myself to get ready and make a bit of breakfast. My husband and I see each other for about 10 minutes in total (we’re lucky if we sit down to eat cereal together!) .

Here’s the thing, a few months before the wedding I self-managed a massive project and worked my way into a Senior Editor position (given my age and my time at the company). So now, I constantly feel like I have to justify my promotion--I stay back and work late every night, coming home around 9. My husband and I are both too tired to cook by then so we eat crappy takeout, then bed. The cycle then repeats itself … Weekends are fine, but we spend so much time recuperating from the work week that before we know it, it’s Sunday night all over again!

One of my girlfriends knows about my predicament (I tend to complain about it in our Group Chat) and told me about a website that can deliver furniture to our home. I’m kinda weirded out that she didn’t respond to our friend’s pregnancy, but wanted to tell me that.

I don’t know, I’ll check out the site when I have time, I’ve got meetings scheduled up to HERE.

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