World AIDS Day 2008

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I'm tired of blogging about World Aids Day. Every year, I put it on my "to be blogged" calendar and every year I do it. And every year I think to myself, "Next year, I'll have some good news about AIDS/HIV to blog about for World AIDS Day." And every year, I have no good news.

OK some good news, just not enough of it.

  • Early infant testing and treatment sees good results
  • Treatment as prevention?
  • Facing AIDS - World AIDS day 2008

    This year's World AIDS Day theme is Facing AIDS. That is pretty much the problem, we as a society have still not faced AIDS head on.

    Have you been tested? (Whether you think you need to be tested or not, GET tested please.)

    Each year, an estimated 56,300 Americans are newly infected with HIV - in part because 25 percent of the more than one million Americans who are believed to be living with HIV don't even know they are infected.

    Have you talked honestly with your friends and family members about HIV/AIDS? That includes teens and seniors, both groups are more at risk of contracting HIV than some of us want to think about.

    If you remember the old days when I blogged Health & Wellness a couple of times a week, then you also remember that I am not a fan of buying products specifically to donate money to a "cause". I am vehemently opposed to all of the pink ribbon campaigns in October. I feel comfortable encouraging you to look at Product Red and consider whether or not any of these products are on your budget for the holidays. Gingersnap Latte from Starbucks, perhaps? Red iPod? A new pair of Chuck Taylors?

    Join Bloggers Unite and tweet World AIDS Day using #WAD08 to tag your tweets. And of course you should visit other bloggers who are blogging WAD08. Blogs like RH Reality Check, Rantings by MM, Beauty in Real Life and The Muriels.

    Update: After my morning trip to Starbucks, I found an email in my inbox reminding me that the Empire State Building will go red. (It will go yellow on the 3rd to honor The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. Nice, right?)

    Next year, I hope to have some better news to share.

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