World Cinema and its Journey


It was on 28th December,1895 that a package of ten films,including





5]BREAKFAST SCENE......etc were screened for the 1st time in the History of Cinema to an audience who had paid Entry Fee for the show.The Venue was-Hotel Grand Cafe'-Paris-France.The Total duration of the programme was 20minutes.On the 1st day,the attendance was less than 50 but from the very next day the crowd started pouring in and there were long ques for the entry.The reaction of the audience was something stupendous and astounding.they could not believe their eyes.Workers coming out of the factory in different dresses,running,walking.......,sprinkling of water from the hose,fluttering of the leaves on the trees........,THEY WERE ALL IMAGES OF THE REALITY....THEY ALL MOVED!!ALL THIS FOR THE FIRST TIME!

These Films were made by Brothers AUGUSTE LUMIERE(1862-1954) and LOUISE LUMIERE(1864-1948).They had designed and fabricated their own movie camera cum projector which was a portable hand operated device named by them as CINEMATOGRAPHE and got patented.

The Historians have acknowledged that it was on this day 28th December 1895 that Cinema took its Birth.

Louis Lumiere and Auguste Lumiere are often called the FATHERS of the Motion Picture.the Name 'Cinema' was also derived from the Lumiers' device CINEMATOGRAPHE'.


There are many Historians who have tried to trace the Evolution of Cinema...Starting from the early part of the 19th century,many Scientists conducted extensive research in photography based on optical illusion and persistence of vision theories..By the year 1894,Edison had made his version of the machine and named is as KINETOSCOPE.There are reports that different versions of this equipment existed in France,Britain,Germany also during this period.It is to the credit of Lumiere Brothers that the equipment was 1st perfected in France and its maiden commercial screening was held on 28th December 1895 in Paris.Lumiere' Brothers made around 100 short films of about 50ft strips of 1minute duration..These were called 'EARLY ACTUALITIES'.

The 'EARLY ACTUALITIES' included day-to-day,routine incidents like Demolition of wall,Playing cards,Breakfast scene,Child seeing a bowl of gold fish ...etc.Edison Company in America was making similar shorts of documentary nature,many of them recording actual musical orchestras.Britain,Japan,and other countries also started making such Actualities.Lumiere' Brothers were more interested in making commercial gain.Pursuing their enterprising marketing strategy,they took these films to different countries for holding commercial screenings.


Indian Cinema is important to me,not only because I am an Indian,but,Indian Cinema has its significant importance in the History of World Cinema,too.

Lumieres' assistant MAURICE SESTIER who was on his way to Australia visited Bombay and arranged a commercial screening of these actuals to the public at an entry fee of Rupee One per head.The first screening was held on 7th July 1896,at Watson's Hotel Bombay.There were six films of around 50ft strips as written earlier running to less than 1hour.Thus, Cinema came to India in just 6months after it took its birth in France.

Among those who got inspired by the above programme was one HARISHCHANDRA SAKHARAM BHATVADEKAR,popularly known as SAVE DADA,a still photographer from Bombay acquired an imported camera and projector and shot a newsreel showing a wrestling match in Bombay.This film strip was shown to the public in 1901 and a series of such Actuals made by him were screened to the delight of the audience.Many other pioneers from different parts of India started venturing in this new and exciting field.Thus,India also figures in the list,along with other countries,who pioneered in making and showing images move.


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