The World has "Crept" Into The Church !!!

It is not funny, that the World has crept into the Church. I not, speaking about the physical building. I'm speaking on the people that go to church ,every Sunday for years and have not grown. Growth, spiritually is progressive and there is various stages from the begining of  our confession of being a new creation.  Also, spiritual maurity, does not happen over night,but there should be  evidence of growth, 

Especially, after years of hearing and hearing the Word.  Conviction, should takes place, and a longing  to live a right-standing  type of life.  However, coming to church on Sundays, hearing the Word of God, which is The Truth, but never really obeying it.  Stuck, in the process of program and will not repent from their old ways.  It seems, now adays,  that anything goes.

Primarily, the older christian,were taught to be faithful in legalistic rituals and parctices and dogmatic doctrine. At, one time, it was enough, to keep one from turning back and returning to  their worldly lifestyles.   But, now their are so many that have allowed "carnality" to become much more acceptable. Knowing, such behavior is wrong, but have become so accustom to them, that change is like a foreign beast.

 It is unheard of, for a Christian to steal,  to write on Horoscopes sites, and even read them, commit adultery, and  fornication and the like. When one, is in such doings, especially, fornication with another christian. It is as if, a living  Cell , comes into contact with a "Diseased Cell" that eats every part of that Living Cell.

In the Old Testament ,the law was prevalent, and even today's laws were transcribed from the those very books of the Law.

However, as for a Christian  now, the law was fulfilled, finished, and completed by the  death and resurrection of the crucified Christ. We are now to live, in grace and the ultimate law to live by, is to Love.

Love is not defined as Lust. "The lust of the eyes, the pride of life."

Also,  love is not "if" you love me ,then I will love you in return. The God kind of  love, supercedes conditions and circumstances. Unless, we can do this, as christians we will continue in a unregenerated state, "having a form of Godly-ness, but denying it's power.

It's sad, I hope those that are blind now, spiritually speaking recieved their sight soon. Time is at hand.



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