The World Must Be Ending; Breastfeeding is Banned.

I'm the first admit that breastfeeding once your kid is old enough to ask for a boob kinda gives me the creeps. But hey who am I to judge, as long as the child is healthy it's within a mother's right to nourish her child however she sees fit.

Some people feel uncomfortable when I whip out my lady lump to feed Nolan. It makes ME uncomfortable that parents feed their kids overly processed food with little to no nutritional value, but I've learned to keep my mouth shut.

No one should be allowed (including the government) to tell women how or what or when they feed their children. Apparently the town of Forest Park, Georgia feels differently because on Monday night they passed an ordinance to prevent public nudity and indecency. Included in the bill was the restriction of public breastfeeding to any child over 2 years old!

SAY WHAT!! Someone must have spiked the peach pie because these people are trippin! I can't even begin to think of the umpteen different reason why this is wrong.

How is feeding your baby anything close to indecent behavior? What makes a two-year-old more offensive then an infant? Are they going to start carding kids to make sure they are within age requirements? Are they really saying people who sunbathe nude in a public area will be treated the same as a mother with her breast exposed?

It's hard enough for many women to make the decision to breast feed, especially if they work outside the home and have the pleasure of having to pump in their job's bathroom stall. This stigma is making women feel like it is something dirty; on par with flashing patrons in a public park. It's such a shame that we have made it difficult for women to do something that is so beautiful, natural, and healthy; all to make others feel more comfortable.

If this is where society is headed maybe it needs to end.

Do you think public breastfeeding of children (over 2) should be banned?

Appalled From Boyland,


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