World Nutella Day: Fluffy Nutella Mousse

It’s World Nutella Day – all day long, too. And the Super Bowl is tonight. My mind is racing with so many sweet and nutty thoughts that are football friendly.  My infamous Nutella brownies from last year…

Or sugar cookies with vanilla icing and football laces stenciled with Nutella.  A Nutella cream pie with meringue topping.  Sour cream-Nutella pound cake. I could get out of control, but I’ll stop. Because sadly, I have a problem. My oven is broken (insert single tear).  So to honor World Nutella Day sans baking, I present Fluffy Nutella Mousse:  Nutella blended with marshmallow fluff and whipped cream, topped with toasted hazelnuts and served with fruit and French butter biscuits.

Only after Nutella was splattered all over the walls of my kitchen did I realize it’s best to beat the sticky Nutella and marshmallow fluff with a little heavy cream using a hand or stand mixer. This will lighten the mixture so folding in the whipped cream is easy.

You may have noticed I’m playing it fast and loose with use of the word mousse.  But I just don’t believe any edible involving Nutella is deserving of the word dip. That’s for beans, cheese and corn chips.  And while I believe Nutella can be enjoyed in the presence of football (a true team player) – the divine chocolate-hazelnut spread will always be better than any Super Bowl, at least in my opinion.  Plus, it’s Labrador approved (don’t worry, she didn’t eat any). Go Giants!

Fluffy Nutella Mousse Recipe

Christina @ Edible Times


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