The World’s cutest USB Flash drive

The World’s cutest USB Flash drive.  

Are looking for a great idea gift for Christmas but you are on the budget? Don’t look anymore, here the World’s cutest USB Flash drive.

What makes those USB so awesome?

Cute: Because they’re so ridiculously cute, like your technology should be.

Unique: Their unique plush design is the first of it’s kind, and you are so over boring flash drives… or lost them

Personality: They have names, personalities and birthday, like you.

Keychain-equipped: Just snap onto your backpack or purse, and never lose your flash drive again.

Protective case: Each comes with a sleek case for storage

Back-To-School-ready: They were made for the young and young-at-heart, and students love them.

Save the wild: Each USB represent a real animal species that faces real threats. Now you can help them.

Storage: 4Gb

Price: Less than $25 with free-shipping!

Zena The Zebra

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Jack The Giraffe

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